What Sunglasses Does Christian Bale Wear in American Hustle?

What Sunglasses Does Christian Bale Wear in American Hustle?

American Hustle, directed by David O'Russell, follows con artists Irving and Sydney who are forced to work for Richie, an FBI agent. Richie offers them amnesty however, they are used for a sting operation that leads to the conviction of some very prominent characters. Starring Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence - the 2013 movie is riotously funny and full of incredible fashion.

American Hustle swept up during award season which is no surprise to us. With a mix of vintage, pieces created in house and plenty of wigs, it's not hard to see why. However, f
or us though we couldn't get over the gorgeous eyewear on display.

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The 70's and 80's were a spectacular time for eyewear when ostentatious and large frames as the go to. Christian Bale looked amazing in his tinted aviators and we just had to know - what sunglasses does Christian Bale wear in American Hustle?

We're getting some serious vintage Ray Ban vibes from these classic 70's aviators, so how can you get the look?

As majority of the frames sourced for the film are originals, we have opted for some more recent designs from some iconic brands:
- You can never go wrong with a pair of gradient tinted RayBans, the 3025's are classics with their crystal brown lenses and gold frame. The Ray Ban 3025 001 are our top pick for capturing the perfect 70's look.
Ray-Ban Aviator 3025 001/51 Gold/Light Brown Gradient Sunglasses

- Ray Ban 3386 001/13: If the gold frame isn't enough for you, we'd recommend this modernized dupe. The 3386's are a great shape and with an authentic 70's feel.
Ray-Ban 3386 001/13 Sunglasses | Pretavoir
Gucci GG287 are another boldly 70s style frame. If brown lenses aren't for you, we'd recommend opting for a yellow/gold finish which is totally on point for pulling together the perfect retro vibe. Coupled with distinctive Gucci trademarks down the legs, what's not to love?
Gucci GG0288SA 004 Beige Marble with Gold and Brown Sunglasses | Pretavoir
- Porsche Design 8478 'Gold Edit' Sunglasses - if you aren't feeling those American Hustle vibes all year round then these are the perfect choice. The Porsche Design 8478s come with an interchangeable lens mechanism. The Gold Edit sunglass are an exclusive PRETAVOIR product featuring a lustrous gold-coated titanium frame which is equal parts extravagant yet sophisticated.

Porsche Design 8478 'Gold Edit' Sunglasses | Online Exclusive
Will you be channeling American Hustle in your wardrobe this Summer?

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