How To Enjoy A Virtual Holiday

How To Enjoy A Virtual Holiday

We understand a virtual holiday might not be what you expected out of 2020 but this could be a fun way to transport yourself across the world this summer season…
The headlines of ‘cancelled’ and ‘delayed’ were seriously getting us down at Pretavoir so we decided to look for some escapism! Indulge with us by clicking through our travel destinations and shopping the sunglasses we paired with them all while staying at home.

The first trip we want to take you on is to Kohala Coast [Click Here To Visit] in Hawaii.

Get right next to your window or into your garden and just chill out! Get your skin soaked with sun and map out your trip around the island. Nestled amongst the rocks is an absolute haven of blue skies and golden sand. We are imagining a day filled with long beach walks and water sports. Finished off with a beautiful sunset with a [homemade] Blue Hawaii in hand. The sunglasses we have paired with this adventure are inspired by the magical blue waves:

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Our second trip is for the more adventurous type, the Amazon Rain Forest [Click Here To Visit], stretching from the Andes in Peru to the Atlantic Coast of Brazil you could spend hours scrolling around Google Maps.

This exploration is perfectly paired with a humid rainy day, and we’d recommend pairing this adventure along with some materials to identify the flora, fauna and wildlife…

Now, if you were actually going to the rainforest you’d have to dress very sensibly, so we’re taking this opportunity to share some shades that are more fashionable than functional:
Moving ahead with another wildlife inspired trip, Adélie Penguin Rookery [Click Here To Visit].

Yes, you read that correctly - a colony of penguins in Cape Royds. There is thought to be around 4000 Adélie Penguins based here in Antarctica and with the sun shining in the sky through our Google adventure we’re loving it!

Again, appropriate eyewear would need to be sourced for a trek like this but when you’re comfortably exploring from your couch the #PRETLOVES the idea of some monochromatic penguin inspired sunnies:
Now we don’t want to forget about those who prefer the great indoors, so our last trip is to the Palace of Versailles [Click Here To Visit].

The Palace of Versailles was the principal royal residence of France from 1682 until the start of the French Revolution in 1789 but today you can live like a royal and tour the gardens at your leisure. We’d recommend spending the day like Marie Antoinette, surrounded by cake, and taking the official guided tour [available on smartphones and tablet]. And no extravagant day-dream would be complete without some fanciful specs:
Make the most of your Summer!

Stay safe!


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