The iConnoisseur's Collection

The iConnoisseur's Collection

Joyeux Noël - Happy 1st of December!

At PRETAVOIR we have been curating the perfect eyewear collection for those of you who seek opulence and extravagance, high-quality design and premium materials.

On the first day of Christmas we bring you our iConnoissuer’s Collection.
The perfect gift for the luxury sunglass collector!

Together, our team has hand selected this one-of-a-kind Christmas Cabinet which contains twenty four high-end luxury frames. We prioritise exquisite manufacture over all else when sourcing new eyewear brands for our site and we always eagerly seek-out those exceptional new releases from your beloved brands. Over the month of December we will be showcasing the most deluxe and lavish frames we have to offer and providing you with a bit more detail on what makes them stand out.

Branded our ‘iConnoisseur's Collection’ we have put together a selection of special pieces from Cartier, Chopard, DITA, Leisure Society, Anna-Karin Karlsson, Matsuda, Hublot, Tom Ford, Chrome Hearts, Dior, Boucheron, FRED, Cazal, Thom Browne, CHANEL, Gucci, OMEGA and Oliver Peoples that start at just over £500. Our collection celebrates the meticulous craft of each brand that consistently work to develop and advance their craft.

Focusing on luxurious design details such as 18kt. gold frames, diamond embellished hinges or precious metal hardware we have displayed these frames in a beautiful mahogany cabinet. Each of the drawers holds a different pair of sunglasses, along with its unique case, cloth and branded booklet. Each day of December we will open a drawer, like our own personal eyewear calendar, and share with you the very special sunglass piece.

12 frames for her and 12 frames for him, this collection is available to purchase for £25,000.

Give a little luxury to those you love this Christmas. This sunglass collection is the perfect sharing gift for those who search for unrivalled grandeur, or for the fashion-leader who adores collecting and flaunting the best of the best.

And if you have any questions at all about any of the individual frames and you can’t wait for the next blog, then please feel free to contact our customer service team by phone, email or live chat.

You can also visit the individual product pages of our Christmas Collection here:
Day 1: Oliver Peoples Benedict OV1002S 5264/O9 G15 - £522.00
Day 2: OMEGA OM0014-H 52N - £539.00
Day 3: FRED FG40021U 28T - £650.00
Day 4: Gucci GG0816S 001 - £680.00
Day 5: Thom Browne TBS 810 01 - £720.00
Day 6: Cazal 002 002 Cari Zalloni Special Edition - £720.00
Day 7: CHANEL Oval Sunglasses - £739.00
Day 8: FRED FG40024U 30E - £760.00
Day 9: Leisure Society Satie LS94 24K Gold Plated - £790.00
Day 10: Tom Ford Private Collection NO.16 30H Photochromatic - £794.00
Day 11: Boucheron BC0029S 003 Serpent Boheme Limited Edition - £795.00
Day 12: Hublot H006 120 078 - £837.00
Day 13: Hublot H007 120 PLR Polarised - £837.00
Day 14: Matsuda M3061 BS-S-SG Interchangeable Temples - £870.00
Day 15: Tom Ford Antibes TF728 28G - £995.00
Day 16: Chrome Hearts Serendipitass BK-GP Black and Gold Plated - £925.00
Day 17: Anna-Karin Karlsson Claw Voyage Black Limited 1st Edition
Day 18: Leisure Society Clairaut LS90 24K Gold Plated and Navy - £1,185.00
Day 19: DITA Rikton Type 402 DTS117 02 Photochromic - £1,225.00
Day 20: DITA Rikton Type 402 DTS 117 001 Photochromatic - £1,225.00
Day 21: Anna-Karlin Karlsson Decadent Too Ice - £1,570.00
Day 22: Cartier CT0088S 001 Polarised - £1,675.00
Day 23: Chopard SCHF06S 8FCR - £1,859

Day 24: Cartier CT0200S 001 - £2,340.00

For information about last-chance shipping dates + return policies, just follow this link:

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