Say Hello To RIMOWA!

Say Hello To RIMOWA!

Although new to PRETAVOIR, RIMOWA have long established themselves as global leaders in premium luggage. For over 120 years, the German brand’s corrugated aluminum suitcases have been instantly recognisable and highly sought after, gaining them worldwide acclaim as purveyors of high-tech designer luggage. In July of this year, the travel brand launched its first permanent eyewear collection which is now available on PRETAVOIR.

The team at RIMOWA’s expertise may lie within suitcases, but their eyewear collection shows true craftsmanship and innovation. Each pair of their new sunglasses and glasses are lightweight, with each frame boasting sleek, sharp, shapes that are inspired by classic aviation. Much like the design details of the RIMOWA suitcase grooves, which are inspired by aircraft fuselage, each eyewear frame is designed with the same distinctive parallel lines and metal hardware which all elegantly come together to create a classic yet contemporary optical.

Since 1898, the team at RIMOWA have been perfecting their famous travel accessories. This heritage can be seen within RIMOWA’s sunglasses and optical frames, inspired by the signature features and innovative materials that distinguish their suitcases, this eyewear range is unisex and made from metal and nylon for optimal comfort. Each frame comes with a protective pouch which boasts the assurance it can “withstand the rigours of travel”.
RIMOWA eyewear features three classic shapes: Bridge, Rim and Air. The collections are available in a handful of colours purposefully designed for everyday wear all while perfectly matching the brand’s signature cases.
At PRETAVOIR, we offer both RIMOWA Bridge and Rim.

RIMOWA Bridge is available in two models, across five colourways: RW40006U 26V, RW40006U 01D, RW40006U 26C, RW40004U 01D and RW40004U 26V.

The Bridge Sunglasses are composed of two layers, the temples are either manufactured from nylon, then carefully overlaid onto a metal mask. The temples are then attached to the frame by visible pins that are reminiscent of the rivets that can be seen on RIMOWA luggage. The frame's fine metal legs add an element of refinement to the overall futuristic style design.

RIMOWA RW40004U 01D, 26V and RW40006 01D also come with polarised lenses, you can read more about what this means in our previous blog post: What does Polarised Mean?

The RIMOWA Rim frame is a lot more minimal in its design aesthetic. The Rim Sunglasses are made from high-quality acetate which is hand-applied to the lens, adding muted black around the smoke-grey lenses.

RIMOWA’s RW4002U 16B are extremely lightweight and delicately finished with the RIMOWA logo at the end piece.

Finally, RIMOWA Air refers to the brand’s optical line, these are all available to purchase with prescription lenses which you can add using the options in the right hand side of the product page [or give us a call or email and we can assist you with this!].

The RW50001U 001 and RW50001U 084 are engineered using dark grey acetate on crystal acetate with silver legs, these full-rim opticals are timeless and yet dynamic. Similarly, the RW50002U 001 and RW50002U 084 possess the same colour scheme only angular frame, rather than the soft edges of the RW5001U’s.

The RW50005U 026, RW50005U 084, RW50003U 026 and RW50003U 084 are stronger and edgier in their shape. RIMOWA ensures the function of the eyewear is as equally as advanced as their form, creating each of these frames from ultra thin stainless-steel allows the team to cut down on the weight of the glasses meanwhile retaining the eyewear's durable structure.
If you have questions about any of the models please do not hesitate to get in contact with us via our live chat, or email or call us on 0141 552 5065. We’re always happy to help!
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