Porsche Design

Porsche Design

We want to take some time to introduce you to some top-quality brands we stock at Pretavoir.

To kick off our series of brand focuses we are going to delve into the heritage and design of Porsche Design.

Porsche Design endeavours to maintain its distinctive design philosophy: optimize function.

The exclusive lifestyle brand reduces the form of their eyewear right down to the core essentials while striving for innovation.
A bit of history on the brand begins with the Porsche Design Studio, now known as Studio F. A. Porsche. The studio was established in Stuttgart in Germany, in 1972 by
Professor. Ferdinand Alexander Porsche. He is the grandson of the Porsche founder Ferdinand Porsche and designer of the Porsche 911.
The Porsche 911 sets the precedent for Porsche Design sticking closely to Ferdinand Porsche’s simple principle that "If you analyze the function of an object its form often becomes obvious’. This design principle has been taken forward into all Porsche Design’s products...

Ferdinand Porsche and The Design Studio relocated to Zell am See in the Austrian Alps in 1974 where Porsche had been producing car-related accessories since the 1950s. These accessories ranged from luggage to clothing all under the "Porsche Boutique" name. Then in 1978, the brand had its first breakthrough in eyewear design with the P8478. Since then the brand has continuously produced innovative and unique designs across the eyewear market.

Today all genuine Porsche Design eyewear is made in Japan with only the highest quality materials by Rodenstock. T
ogether, Porsche Design and Rodenstock focus on using the highest quality titanium for their eyewear frames constantly striving to achieve the epitome of outstanding stability, lightness and performance.
In recent years Porsche Design has been worn by a range of famous faces from Yoko Ono to the Kardashian/Jenner Dynasty. Kris, Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Kendall and Kylie have all been seen wearing the P8478 which are a unisex design with interchangeable lenses.

These frames come in a variety of sizes [60mm, 63mm, 66mm and 69mm] but the Kardashians appear to favour the largest option [69 mm] giving them the ultimate oversized aviator look! If you need a hand deciding on the fit you want we wrote a little piece on aviators and how to find your fit on our blog titled ‘Aviators’ - check it out.

The Porsche Design P8478 Aviator sunglasses are truly a premium piece made of scratch-resistant and unbreakable polycarbonate with 100% UV protection. The sunglasses come with two sets of lenses which are easily interchanged using the flip lock at the bridge - below we explain how this works using the beautiful Z Anniversary Polarised Edition:

You can shop our interchangeable lenses here - each lens set comes with a Folding Lens Pouch. One note before ordering is to check on the inside of your current Porsche Design 8478 frame to ensure the correct size is selected.

We have a wide range of Porsche Design eyewear you can order online - both the brand’s sunglass and optical offering follows the design principles form follows function.

If you have questions about any other make or models please leave us a comment, contact us at hello@pretavoir.co.uk or call us on 0141 552 5065. We’re always happy to help!

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