Have A Very Merry Christmas With Matsuda!

Have A Very Merry Christmas With Matsuda!

Inspired by an original style from the Matsuda archive, the M3061 is a large pantos sunglass that stands apart with subtly engraved side shields. The custom designed temples are interchangeable and include both traditional and cable styles.

The eyewear piece is designed using a lightweight titanium construction that integrates side shields and custom interchangeable temples. Made in Japan, each of Matsuda’s designs are meticulously crafted by hand in their renowned eyewear workshops in Sabae. Requiring up to two years and as many as 250 steps to bring their innovations to life, this is eyewear that is in a league of its own.

In a world inundated with disposable goods, Matsuda chose to anchor themselves in the time-honored traditions of craftsmanship and thoughtful design. Their eyewear is created through 50 years of experimentation and creative exploration and each frame reflects its own unique journey from concept to construction. Matsuda never stops seeking new innovative techniques to express fresh ideas through their distinctive Japanese approach combining artisanal mastery and cutting edge manufacture.
Matsuda was founded by Mitsuhiro Matsuda who was born in Tokyo in Japan. He was introduced to design at a young age and attended the renowned design school, Bunka, before moving to Paris to seek inspiration for his clothing line. Matsuda was inspired by art-deco blended with industrial metal of the late nineteenth century, in particular he adored the details of gothic cathedrals which can be seen within his design work.

Matsuda’s work stood out in a world that loves fast-fashion, instead at Matsuda they work with traditions and true craftsmanship combining distinctly Japanese approaches of combining handcrafted techniques and innovative technology. Matsuda returned to Tokyo in 1967 and created Nicole Co. his clothing line which became a celebrities favourite and earned him a spot in the prestigious “Tokyo Design 6,” a group of young, talented designers credited with founding Tokyo Fashion Week.
Matsuda sunglasses have been created with the same timeless design principles as Matsuda’s clothing line. Their approach guides a philosophy that is rooted in experimentation and is unmistakably Matsuda earning them a coveted spot as one of the most technically advanced and magnificent brands on the market today.

Celebrating the convergence of past and present in our Connoisseur's collection, the M3061 BS-S-SG holds an eclectic place in our cabinet which is a result of the brand’s unique East meets West inspiration. We trust in the wisdom of Matsuda’s studied craft and confidently know this beautiful object will make a special gift that promotes both individuality and expression; an object that will last a lifetime.

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