Glasses Chains & Charms

Glasses Chains & Charms

Perhaps regarded as yet another ‘Grandma’ Trend glasses chains may be reminiscent of a bygone era when sophisticated Victorian ladies would wear a long chain draped across their chest attached to their glasses to avoid having them on their face, but to ensure they were always close to hand. These chains were often ornate and seen more as a statement of wealth and height of fashion.

There has been a resurgence of glasses on chains across the catwalks - maybe most memorable being Alessandro Michele’s Spring Summer Gucci show. The Pretavoir team have put together this Chains & Charms trend alert full of playful pearls and extravagant chains, so there is no need for you to raid your grandma’s closet this time.

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This sunglass trend is perfect for anyone who might be prone to misplacing or damaging their glasses…

With a glasses chain, all you need to do is simply hook the chain on your sunglasses around your head and there they shall stay! Rest assured this way you won't sit on, bend or lose your favourite pair!

However, please be careful your eyewear doesn’t collide with your jewellery as this could lead to scratches on your frames and lenses.

Another fun part of this trend is that eyewear chains have totally evolved from strictly functional Victorianesque style to full-blown fashionable. Some eyewear designers have upgraded their classic black sunglasses with gold chains galore! Essentially turning your eyewear into bespoke jewellery pieces that are sure to stand out!

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Some of our favourite designs at PRETAVOIR are the CHANEL Round Sunglasses which take feature the French fashion house’s iconic chain. The coloured lenses totally remind us of some of the Noughties Throwbacks we mentioned in our blog last week which are perfect for the Summer months! The straps are functional and impeccably designed with a gold and silver chain woven around calf-skin leather.

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You don’t even need to buy a whole new set of glasses to get on board with this trend. Each Chloé collection is always inspired by reminiscent of the flower power 60s and the hippy haze of 70s so they, of course, have you covered with some sunglasses chains. These are specially designed to be threaded through the brand's line of 'Poppy' Sunglasses:

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The revival of sunglass chains is really a smart move for anyone particularly committed to micro handbags… This way you don’t need to worry about how you’re going to fit anything else in the teeny tiny bag!

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