On The Ninth Day of Christmas...

On The Ninth Day of Christmas...

On the ninth day of Christmas, PRETAVOIR brought to me:
The FRED FG40024U 30E
Fred FG40024U 30E Brown Sunglasses | Pretavoir
Following on from day five of our Christmas advent, the FRED FG40024U is a more masculine offering than our previously featured FG40021U. A timeless pilot shape, the designers at FRED have revamped the aviator frame with shiny, high-impact, colours. The gold with silver wire Sunglasses are part of the Maison’s ‘Force 10’ collection. The silver cable detailing along the front of the frame is embellished with vintage buckle details using endura gold along the temples recalling the maritime influences of the Force 10.
Fred FG40024U 30E Brown Sunglasses | Pretavoir
Always sophisticated, one of the Maison’s signature collections, the Force 10 was first released as a bracelet in 1966 reflecting contemporary fashion along with maritime and sporting influences. The woven, rope-inspired, steel sailing cable with a gold buckle symbolises a sense of freedom, achievement, courage and casual elegance. To wear the Force 10 is to move forward through life with resolve, style and daring.

Since 1936, Maison FRED has combined exquisite craft with unrivalled style in every piece of its jewellery, making them one of the most renowned jewellery manufacturers in the world. The Fall/Winter 2020 collection which these frames belong to pays tribute to the Maison’s most iconic pieces. Produced by Thélios, the eyewear expert of LVMH, this collection combines exquisite materials with Italian craftsmanship, never straying far from Fred Samuel’s original inspirations of sea, sun & sand.

Our last blog on FRED gave a bit of backstory to the Argentinian designer: born in 1908 into a family working with precious stones, he too became passionate for the process of sourcing materials and creating beautiful pieces. He worked hard to source some of the finest, most-precious stones in the world, particularly those of a pink-hued shade widely recognised as ‘FRED-colours’. When asked, he described himself in 1936 as a ‘Contemporary Creative Jeweller’, he was at the forefront of modernity within jewellery, continuously creating and developing striking jewelry pieces with new shapes, colours and materials.

Maison FRED honors its founder’s original inspirations of light and color, FRED eyewear calls upon the same bright, vivid, shimmering textures that originally motivated Fred Samuel. The mirrored lenses featured in his aviators encapsulate almost an infinite palette of colours reminiscent of sapphires, rubies and diamonds. Thélios have emboldened this passion for sunlight, joining FRED’s quest for recreating and sharing the same light that illuminated their founder’s childhood in Argentina.

Share this sun-infused creation with your loved ones this Christmas, this is a gift that demonstrates the true mastery and versatility of eyewear. This sunglass frame is ideal for those who share a passion for light and admire the power of the sea. The FRED Maison wants you to imagine sailing on a yacht with a light breeze & shining sun - and I’m sure this year if we could give this gift to everyone, we would.

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