Clip On Lenses

Clip On Lenses

Clip-on lenses can completely elevate your everyday glasses to sunglasses, shielding your eyes from harsh rays without compromising your vision. These lenses are an extremely convenient and inexpensive way to be prepared for whatever your day throws at you.

We carry clip-on lenses from DITA, Prada, Garrett Leight, Oliver Peoples, Burberry, Tom Ford, Matsuda, Persol and Ray Ban.

Clip on lenses were invented in 1930s, Massachusetts, as a practical accessory to block glare from reflected light. Polaroid applied a filter to lenses in order to increase visibility in all lighting environments which in turn made activities such as driving, skiing and cycling much safer and more comfortable. As far as eyewear accessories go, these were seen by the masses as a more technical answer to a problem, rather than a fashion statement. This started to change by the early 1950’s when stars such as James Dean were spotted wearing the clipping accessories.

At PRETAVOIR, we believe clip-on lenses are a great, sustainable and cost-effective option if you need to wear the same glasses all day. Just like your regular sunglasses, clip-on sunglasses provide you with 100% UV protection and come in a range of tints, shapes and sizes. However, instead of purchasing and then carrying around two pairs of prescription eyewear, you can simply carry your eyeglasses and your sunglass lens sets [which often come in handy carry pouches]. They are also an excellent option for anyone whose eyes find it harder to adjust to different light environments.

Now you know why, you are probably thinking how?

Clip on lenses are usually linked together at the bridge of your nose. You will need to check the lenses you’re ordering definitely fit your regular prescription/fashion optical glasses - more often than not they either clip or attach via magnets.

Now to pick your brand…

When Oliver Peoples was born in the late 1980s, sunglass clips had seen their heyday in the 50s. But the team at OP re-introduced the clip as a cool, fashion-forward, eyewear trend. The clips are available for a wide variety of the OP eyeglasses such as the Gregory Peck, Sheldrake and Riley-R models.

Oliver Peoples have carefully considered the colorways of their lens sets and matching optical frames in order to offer you a timelessly classic and unique product.

Garrett Leight California Optical [GLCO] have a great range of clip-on combinations that match their Milwood, Kinney, Hampton and Wilson glasses.

The full GLCO sunglass clip range has a folding mechanism at the bridge that allows for compact storage making them the perfect accessory for when you’re on the go.
DITA Eyewear introduced their Lineus sun clip which, like all of DITA’s products, is totally innovative and contemporary. The lens is simple yet elegant converting the optical eyeglasses to the perfect pair of sunglasses.

DITA Lancier similarly offers a range of clips which meet the realities of your everyday needs. DITA Lancier have developed their Land, Sea and Air [LSA] lenses to dramatically reduce the blinding glare that you can come into contact with while on your daily adventures meanwhile fully retaining your natural depth perception.

polarised lenses feature a fully embedded technology that eliminates reflected surface glare without sacrificing the natural contrasts from the world around you.
Ray Ban at this point is a household name so you would guess they have a wide selection of clip-on lenses available for their vast eyewear collection. You can choose from the 6355, 6317, 5228, 2180, 7131 and 2447, each set boasts fashion-forward colourways and 100% UV protection which will elevate your basic every-day glasses and flawlessly protect your eyes.

Some of RayBan’s clip on sets feature Gradient-Mirror combinations which feature a mirror overlaid onto a base lens colour which creates a two-toned faded effect.
Tom Ford offers clip-on sun lenses with some of their blue light optical eyeglasses, their clip-ons attached to the frame via a magnetic component which guides the sunglasses onto the frame with ease and precision every time while still offering a secure fit. You also receive a convenient carrying pouch for your clips. TF5641, TF5690, TF5689, TF5682, TF5533 and TF5643 are designed with blue light blocking lenses which also have an anti-reflective and anti-scratching coating. The brand’s ready-to-wear optical collection increases your visual comfort from long exposure from the blue light found on digital devices.

We only stock eyewear that is of the highest quality and design so rest assured if you’re buying clip-on sunglasses you're not simply purchasing an accessory, you’re upgrading your optical glasses to provide you with genuine protection from sun damage.

If you need assistance measuring your current glasses for clip ons or you’re thinking of ordering a new pair and want to check if any clip-ons are compatible our team will be more than happy to help. Just drop us a message on live chat [red box to the bottom right of your screen], email us on or give us a call on +44141 552 5065.

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