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It's a very loud and resounding YES from us - we're not big fans of this question even being asked but we understand that it's part of the industry we work in; so let us tell you some of the reasons why GlassesNow's frames are all authentic, genuine products. We want to educate customers so that they know what to look for when buying designer eyewear, to be able to tell instinctivley which sites are real and which are fake - here's a few things you can look out for.


We think our prices are decent - we're not always the cheapest but we try to give customers the best price possible, certainly cheaper than buying on the high street. We're able to do this because of the reduced overheads of buying online - we don't need to fork out for shop fitting, a prime retail location and all the other things that come with running a bricks-and-mortar shop. However, be wary of websites that are too cheap - compare prices of products across several sites. If the website in question is WAY below everyone else, question how this is possible, given that all these designer brands are bought from a single source, at the same price. How cheap is too cheap? Websites that are offering 60-90% off RRP, you should be very wary of.


Our product photographs are all high-resolution 360º images, allowing you to zoom in at any point to inspect the frame. Our in-house photographer Gerry takes all our pictures of the actual frames themselves when they arrive into our stock room - no manufacturer images, no Photoshop renders, just a real image of the real frame. This should give you two reasons to trust that they're genuine:

1. You're able to see the quality of the finish, the positioning of logos and details that show the product is real.

2. We have spent time and money making the extra effort to display our products in the best possible way - this is rarely the case with websites selling fake products who will often take images from other websites or take low-quality static images in order to put on as many products as possible, as quickly as possible. 

Secure Website

Notice on our Cart and Checkout pages you'll see a green padlock in the address bar of your browser, something like this:

GlassesNow SSL Certificate

Known as an SSL Certificate, this means any communication between our website and your computer is encrypted and kept secure from prying eyes. It's not a straightforward process to get an SSL certificate, as we must give our company name, proof of physical address and undergo basic background checks in order to be accepted. All this is designed to keep both you and us, secure. Any website that doesn't use SSL to encrypt their payment pages (cart, checkout, any logged in area of the site) and you should think twice about giving them your details. Also, notice in our footer that our credit card transactions are handled by a company called Realex? They won't just hand out card processing facilities to just anyone - our company director had to get background checked, and the company was thoroughly investigated before they could offer their services. They're the same guys who work with Vodafone, Virgin Atlantic and Aer Lingus. 

Physical Location

GlassesNow is part of an optician, i2i Optometrists in Glasgow. In fact, we give the address of the shop in the footer of every page - feel free to check it on Google Streetview, the postcode is G1 4HF. Selling fake products is illegal in the UK. The fact that we are a) linked to a real, genuine optican and b) give our real location (where I'm typing this from right now) should show you that we have nothing to hide.

Now that we've been through some of the things that a genuine, authorised website has, here's some information on the products and brands themselves in terms of authenticity.

Our frames are purchased from the following suppliers. These are the same suppliers that every optician, website, deparment store and any other authorised retailer MUST use in order to purchase genuine products. Each of these companies produces the brands listed under license, before sending the products out to us, Selfridges, independent opticians and all other eyewear retail businesses.


Head Office: Agordo, Italy
Supplies us with: Ray Ban, Oakley, Oliver Peoples, Prada, Paul Smith, 


Head Office: Padova, Italy
Supplies us with: Dior, Gucci


Head Office: Longarone, Italy
Supplies us with: Tom Ford

De Rigo

Head Office: Longarone, Italy
Supplies us with: Police


Head Office: Melville, NY, USA
Supplies us with: Michael Kors

Optoplast Actman

Head Office: Liverpool, UK
Supplies us with: Nicole Farhi, Karen Millen, Lotus, Ghost, Oasis, Lambretta

All our frames come with the original case, cleaning cloth and guarantee. Any authenticity information such as authenticity cards that we receive from the suppliers is also included. They come in the official branded box where available (not all brands offer this, however). 

Looking at the frames themselves, there are a few things that you can use to authenticate the products: 

Ray Ban Polarised Logo on Lens

Ray Ban will always have their signature logo etched onto the right lens in the top corner - polarised Ray Bans will follow the logo with a 'P' (see above). Compare ours against other frames to notice the angle and font is  exactly the same. Some Ray Bans (though not all, annoyingly) come with a very feint 'RB' etched into the left lens (see below). Zoom right in on the left lens of this frame, and you should notice it up close. The other thing to check is that the numbers on the inside arm are an actual model - the model number for a Ray Ban sunglass is the RB followed by a number, e.g. RB3025 and the colour code follows this, e.g. 001/51. Searching the model should bring up the same sunglasses.

 RB etched onto Ray Ban Lens

Please note that although most Ray Ban frames are made in Agordo, Italy; some frames are made in Luxottica's factory in China. This includes the optical frames RX5228, RX5121 (Optical Classic Wayfarer) and RX5184 (Optical New Wayfarer). This does not mean the frame is fake. They are made in a Luxottica owned factory in China, where manufacturing standards are designed to match those in Italy. We do not have any control of where any particular frame is manufactured, as this is handled by the manufacturing company themselves.

Prada also etch their logo into their sunglasses lenses, on the left lens in the top left corner.

If you have any questions regarding authenticity, please get in touch with us. Note that we will not offer any other point of view other than the frames are authentic. Authenticity does not make a frame faultless - sometimes frames have manufacturing defects, this does not make them fake. In this case, we are happy to return the frame and offer a refund or a replacement - as with any manufacturing defect. We do not sell, or even handle fake products - we never have and we never will.